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Project Gallery – ‘Guy Harlins’ Bungalow

  • The original bungalow before work began.

The project for improving and enlarging 'Guy Harlins' Bungalow in Ludlow, included building a large double garage and studio extension. The approved design also required remodeling of the existing property and landscaping of the grounds, as well as installation of a new drive and entrance gates.

Ashvale Contracting Ltd took care of the project from start to finish, beginning with demolition of an existing garage and careful removal of several elements of the existing bungalow. All groundwork as well as the installation of new foul and storm drainage was carried out by the team as well as arranging for the relocation of the mains electricity connection.

As construction work was completed Ashvale Contracting Ltd carried out the majority of all first and second fixing, the installation of a new kitchen, bathrooms and en-suite furniture and then applied all internal and external finishes to a high standard.